Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Taste Brief

These first pictures were one idea for my current 'word' brief taste being the word. the idea behind it is taste in styles. In this i think my inspiration came not just from Greta's new steam punk goggles but also new bizarre magazine, only the steam punk section.

Second idea of taste was to do with taste in partner, it was one of my initial ideas but the male on male version idea was inspired by a visit from a house mates friend from home.

i cant decide which on would  be a better final image, any comments on this would be appreciated.


  1. The one of me with my finger up my nose? Seriously? :(
    Though, these are good. Housemates friend from home - Eddie by any chance? ;)
    I like the boy on boy ones though.
    Not in a pervy way.