Saturday, 21 February 2009

Embellish Work / Fashion portfolio for Heather Dyson

This image i could use for my word 'embellish' as i really like it but i the other image further down is a touch better... i cant decide :S

This is the other image that i shot with my word 'embellish' in mind, but it also helped heather as she needed shots of her make up skills as well as the fashion.

This shoot it has to be said was set up by Fran for her Friend's portfolio as she is applying to do a fashion degree with additional hair and makeup. I am so grateful it was such a fun shoot even though we had to cram it into 2 hours ,well hour and a bit you know how girls are :D, Thank you all.

Hair and makeup: Heather Dyson
Models: Frances Amy Jones, and Abbie Pennington